Blogging Newbie


So, I’ve done it. I’ve finally started my own blog. After spending a LOT of my time reading other people’s blogs, I thought I should give it a go myself. And there’s only so much chattering you can do in a tweet.


Bit risky calling the blog “A Patient Mum” – sounds like I think quite highly of my parenting skills. I don’t. Believe me, I don’t. I’m a patient mum because I waited a lot longer than nine months to be a mum. I waited through numerous tests (oh so many tests), six rounds of clomid and one round of IVF. And then nine months.


I’m not moaning. Of course I would’ve liked to have made a baby the minute I decided to, but I realise how lucky I am that it worked for me in the end. And my journey was simple compared to so many others’.


So this blog is to talk about my journey (ugh, “journey”), my new family, my many failings as a mum and probably to have a little rant every now and then.


My son (for the purposes of this blog I’ll call him Binky or B. Don’t worry – he has a less cruel name in real life) was born in July 2013. He lives with me (obviously) and my husband, J.


So, here we go. An insight into my mind. Bound to be fairly dull but it’ll keep my thumbs busy.


APM xxx




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